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Double Bass Accessories

  • Bass Buggie
  • Petz Premium Rosin
  • Fingerboard Care Set
  • Double Bass Gigbag
  • K+M Stool
  • Double Bass Bows
  • H-Clamp microphone holder
  • Concord Bow Case

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Bass Buggie

The Bass Buggie is the fastest and easiest way to transport your bass. It is mounted to the bass in seconds. It adjusts to any size; two ball bearing wheels let you move your bass easily and straight. The flexible body (molded plastic) allows shock absorption. Unlike an endpin wheel, the Bass Buggie offers many advantages.

  • adjusts to any size (up to 27cm rip depth)
  • rolls easily and straight
  • can make the bass stand upright on its own without support
  • does not put pressure on the lower block and prevents impact to the lower block from bumps in walkway
  • allows endpin to stay in place while in use
  • it is light and sturdy (weights ca. 1 kg only)

144,– €*

buggie-PolserThe Buggie Cushion provides for extra cushioning in very rough terrains (or if your bass soft case doesn't have a thick padding). It attaches to the Bass Buggie body with industrial strength velcro, included with the cushion.

Bass Buggie + Cushion

162,– €*


Eckla Rolly

rolly2The “Eckla Rolly“ is made in Germany from lightweight aluminium tubes. It carries a double bass easily, while also taking your stand, cables, and other stuff. Due to the wide wheelbase, carrying the double bass or amp very safe. With its pneumatic wheels of 26 cm diameter, you can even go stairs with this cart.


  • available with pneumatic or puncture proof wheels
  • wheel diameter 26 cm
  • weight 4,7 kg, size 70 x 68 x 110 cm
  • blue fabric
  • foldable to compact size

136,– €* (pneumatic)

146,– €* (puncture proof)

H-Clamp microphone mount

With H-clamps, practically any microphone can be mounted on your double bass (or cello/guitar/...). Inspired by the design of the clamps used at the luthier's workshop, they H-clamp is mounted to the ribs. The choice of the edge of the body as the fixing point for the H-clamp is important for several reasons. It is convenient from the perspective of positioning microphones unobtrusively, but more important, the edge is the strongest part of the structure and the point at which clamping has least effect on the resonances of the sound box's panels. The H-clamp can therefore be tightened very securely and yet have no discernable impact on the sound of the instrument. The H-Clamp's components are machined from aerospace grade materials by an experienced manufacturer of high performance components for aircraft and aeroengines.

  • easy to install
  • new options for microphone positioning
  • lightweight, but rigid
  • colour: black
  • Model H-Clamp Live Bass: adjustable from 198 to 228 mm rib depth
  • NEW: now also suitable for cello and guitar, due to two-piece shaft.

97,– €*

  • Model H-Clamp Live Bass +:
    suitable for large basses with 195-258 mm rib depth (and also for guitar and cello/rib depth 84-144 mm)

110,– €*


The Claw


The Claw is a very versatile clamp: you can use it to mount your smartphone to your bass, or a microphone, or mount a handy recorder or camera to record rehearsals or gigs …

The Claw comes with a 1/4" thread, suitable for cameras or handy recorders.We include an adapter 1/4" to 3/8" for use with micophone clamps. (Microphone clamp not included).

  • heavy duty plastic, rubberized arms
  • comes with: clamp, ball head, smartphone holder
    (up to 8,8 cm width), adapter 1/4" to 3/8"
  • weight: 130 g

37,– €*


Bow Quiver

Bow quiver, made of black or brown leather. Mounts to the tailpiece by means of leather straps. Weight aprox. 220g, aprox. 44 cm L/11 cm W

41,– €*


K+M bow holder

Bogenhaken This versatile hook mounts to the music stand (ø up to 30mm) and holds French or German style bows during breaks securely. Made in Germany by K+M.

16,00 €*

Humitron Humidifier for Double Bass

Humitron_300The Humitron humidifier helps to protect the instrument from damage due to excessive dryness. A soft tube encloses an open cell sponge. Simply soak in water, wipe off excess water, and insert in ƒ-hole.

11,90 €*

Oasis Humidifier for Double Bass

osasis_400 The Oasis humidifer helps to protect your instrument from cracking in dry winter weather by providing it with the humidification it needs without leaking or hurting your instrument. Its design makes it easy to see when to refill. Due to the high humidity output of this humidifier, the unit should be refilled every two to three days. The humidifiers fit inside the double bass through the hole at the bottom of the ƒ-hole. The ƒ-hole opening must be 1 ¼” (32 mm) or larger, and fits most three-quarter size double basses. A 10 cc syringe for refilling is included. Distilled water is recommended to extend the life of the humidifier.

29 €*

String winder

Changing a set of strings may be a very demanding task. But things can be so easy. This string winder helps you to wind the strings more effortless and much quicker.

(It's also great to have handy when traveling with our Eminence RN Bass. With the string winder, it only takes some seconds to loosen the strings for detaching, and to tune up after assembling the removable neck.)

New reduced price!

4,90 €*

K+M foldable double bass stool

StehhilfeThis stool, made by well-known German manufacturer K+M, lends the right support for your back every time you play. The ergonomically shaped seat will perceptibly relieve pressure on your back and prevent premature tiredness. The seat, which is covered with black fabric or imitation leather, can be freely adjusted to any angle. The height can be adjusted from 600 to 900 mm to suit every individual. The practical and beneficial foot rest can also be height adjusted. The robust construction of the legs and the integrated foot end caps ensure the stool is sturdy and safe. The stool can be folded flat for transport.

  • height 600-900 mm
  • seat size380 x 350 mm
  • weight 5,6 kg
  • seat with black fabric or imitation leather (please specify)
  • optional backrest available (+ 65 Euro)

162,– €*

K+M foot rest

km_14640The K+M foot rest can help to find a more ergonomic sitting position. It’s only 300 gramms, and made of aluminium and plastic.

13,50 €*

K+M stage stool

km14091-500The comfortable stage stool has a ergonomic saddle seat that convinces through its extraordinary seating comfort. The height adjustable foot rest is in the form of a ring. The large circular base with the rubber ring provides reliable stability. The height of the stage stool is easily adjusted from 590 to 840 mm with the help of the integrated pneumatic spring.

  • height 590 to 840 mm
  • seat size 410 x 400 mm, imitation leather
  • pneumatic spring
  • weight 9,8 kg

358,– €*


robstool1_300 Together with Rob Anzellotti (manufacturer of the RobPin), we developped the idea for this ultra light weight bass stool, which is so small that it even fits into the bass bag. The stool weighs only about 1.5 kg – and when folded, the chair legs fit into the bow compartment, the seat and footrest into the music compartment. Thanks to the materials used – sturdy aluminium tubes and bamboo plywood – the stool is still able to cope with heavy players.

  • Seat height 73 cm (individual height between 60 and 80 cm on request)
  • seat ø 24 cm, with foam rubber seating surface
  • adjustable footrest
  • weight 1.5 kg
  • foldable

350 €*

without foot rest: 310 €*


Knee rest Ergobass

ergobass1 ergobass2 Ergobass looks like a giant violin shoulder rest, and actually has a similar function. If you play the double bass sitting, you usually support the bass' back with your left knee. The Ergobass is mounted to the ribs, so the back can vibrate freely again. Ergobass can be adjusted in multiple ways in order to allow an ergonomic playing position.
Designed in collaboration with Prof. Petru Iuga (University of Mannheim/Germany). Made in Germany.

179 €*

Rubber Mute

DämpferRubber mute, mounts to the double bass bridge.

12 €*

Wooden Mute

holzdaempfer_300Ebony mute, mounts to the double bass bridge, 4-string. Size aprox. 7 x 8 x 2,5 cm.

23 €*

Ebony mute, mounts to the double bass bridge. 5-string, size aprox. 10 x 7,5 x 2 cm 2,5 cm, ca. 90 g

25 €*

Wolf tone eliminator

WolftöterA possible reason for wolf tones are the string afterlengths (between bridge and tailpiece). This wolf tone eliminator WTB-2 gets attached to the strings to dampen the unwanted resonances from the afterlengths.

7,40 €*

Moser-WolftoeterThe MWT20 is made of solid brass by Franz Moser. It not only fight the wolftones efficiently, it also looks very classy. Weight 20g, ø 18 mm.

18,50 €*

wolfterminatorThe Wolf Terminator by Hideo Kamimoto consists of a weight suspended from a spring. By means of a screw, the wolf terminator can be set to a certain tone. It is mounted to the top by means of putty. More informations at Hideo Kamimoto’s website.

143,– €*

Concord double bass stand

Stand_bausatz2_400The double bass stand that we use in our showroom is available as a DIY-set. The two CNC-machined MDF plates (medium density fiberboard) and two bars come unvarnished. For assembly, you just plug the bars into the plates. If needed, you can glue them in and paint the stand, or just keep it unvarnished.

46,90 €* (MDF with oak bars) currently out of stock


K+M double bass stand (foldable)

Kontrabass-StänderIts stable support arms have a protective rubber coating and the stand is easy to fold for transport. The V-shaped base for the endpin means it is easy to place the instrument securely in the stand. The integrated bow holder is a very practical addition.

99 €*

Double Bass Wall Mount


wallmount_humi800 Our double bass wall mount is made of solid maple wood and varnished with traditional violin varnish. It not only holds the bass securely, but also serves as a bow holder and storage for rosin, metronome or pencil.

  • with practical shelf and holder for two bows
  • easy and secure fastening of the bass by means of elastic rubber band
  • solid maple wood
  • traditionally varnished with violin varnish
  • gets delivered as a flat package, simple assembly (screws supplied)
  • also available for Cello
  • optional with built-in hygrometer

105,– €*

112,– €* with hygrometer

wallmount1 Wallmount_cello_800

Bagus double bass stand

BagusThe Bagus double bass stand can be used with endpin in or out. The wooden rest is easily adjustable by means of a screw. The small mirror helps to hit the endpin holder when putting the bass into the Bagus.

  • H x W x D ca. 102 x 55 x 43 cm
  • beech laminate
  • weight ca. 2 kg

452,50 €*

“Bass Bar” bass stand


bassbar3This double bass stand, designed by bassist Pete Moore, is a tripod with a horizontal bar to lay down your bass. The bar and tripod separate for ease of transportation and storage. Sturdy steel construction, rubber feet and ends with protective neoprene covering on the bar. Suitable for all bass sizes.

  • steel construction
  • Neopren covering
  • small transportation size (aprox. 46 x 12 x 13 cm)
  • weight aprox. 1.9 kg

57,– €*


Needle file


These round needle files are called “rat tails” in German, and that's what they really look like.
They are conical and suited for string notches of double bass bridges or saddles, from 1 to 4 mm ø. Length 20 cm.

9,90 €*

Soundpost setter tool


Many bassists are familiar with this mishap: when changing strings, suddenly there is a "clack"—and the soundpost has fallen over. And there's no bass luthier around to get the bass ready for the next gig ... but with a little practice, skilled hands and the right tools, you can also help yourself. The S-shaped soundpost setter is the classic luthier's tool for setting up and positioning the soundpost inside the bass.

32,– €*

Soundpost forceps


With these surgical forceps, the double bass sound post can be securely held, rotated and also shifted in position. Inexperienced people often manage better with these forceps than with the classic luthier's soundpost setter. But also for the professional luthier, this pliers is a practical tool for removing and setting the double bass soundpost.
Slightly curved shape, length 26 cm, stainless steel

28,– €*


Fingerboard Care

Remove dirt from your fingerboard with the synthetic cleaning pad. Other than steel wool, it does not rust or fry out. It's also useful for smoothening a coarse neck. Linseed oil helps to protect the wood from humidity and gives a nice, smooth shine. (Use sparingly; rub a few drops with a paper towel or cloth onto the fingerboard.)

7,– €* cleaning pad + bottle 50 ml (price per 100 ml: 14,-€)

Super Nikco Instrument Polish

nikcoSuper Nikco polish brings back the shine to dull varnishes. Put on some polish with a soft cloth, and rub until all residues have dissolved. Shake bottle well!
Super Nikco Polish.

8,– €* bottle 50 ml (price per 100 ml: 16,-€)

Joha High-Gloss Preserving Polish

joha_polishThis polish is made by Joha, a german maker of violin varnishes. It cleans and maintains an instrument’s varnish safely and effectively. Built-up layers of dirt are dissolved and removed and the gloss returned. Well-suited for cleaning antique instruments.

Joha High-Gloss Preserving Polish

8,– €* bottle 50 ml (price per 100 ml: 16,–€)

Petz Rosin Remover

Petz_RosinCleaner Rosin dust that accumulates on the top of the instrument may combine with the varnish over time. Therefore, rosin residues should always be removed quickly from the top and bridge. This cleaning oil from Petz does not harm the varnish and helps to remove rosin.

Petz Rosin Remover, bottle 50 ml

6,– €* (price per: 100 ml 12,–€)



Fashioned of either rugged leather or elegant black velvet, this bass bib will hug your bass in cool style, fit the curve of the bout and provide generous coverage to prevent scratches and scuffs to the varnish. Fastened securely beneath the fingerboard with a Velcro closure, the bass bib will stay in place!

Bass Bib (A) – Black Velvet, lined with luxurious bridal satin, features a handy accessory pocket and pencil holder

56,90 €*

Bass Bib (B) – brown leather

56,90 €*

Bass Bib (C) – black suede leather

56,90 €*



For a good sound amplification, a really good quality cable is very important. We stock cables made by German manufacturer Sommer, known for good material and production quality.

Cable lengths for passive pickups shouldn't be longer than necessary. We recommend maximum cable lengths of about 3 m.

Spirit XXL The Spirit XXL (length: 3 m)
Due to the special stranding technique, the large wire diameter of 1 x 0.75mm and the double shielding (semiconductive lead + copper shielding) it hardly has any competition on the market.
A high end cable for a reasonable price!

21 €*
Spirit XXL The Spirit XXL (length: 6 m)
(see above)

24,50 €*
Spitit XXL Silent The Spirit XXL Silent (length: 3 m)
With wire diameter 1 x 0.75mm and double shielding (semiconductive lead + copper shielding). Plugs: Neutrik NP2C-BAG and NP2C-AU SILENT (gold plated) plug – to prevent the "cracking" when the cable is plugged in.

35 €*

* All prices include German VAT., excl. shipping.