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Double Bass Parts

Synthetic tailpiece hanger rope


Until today, many double bass tailpieces get fastended with heavy brass wires. Due to the stiffness of this wire, the tailpiece can not vibrate freely. More flexible tailpiece fasteners like gut ropes, aircraft cable or sythetic fibre ropes don't have this dampening effect on the tailpiece, what enhances the sound.

Our tailpiece hanger rope is made out of the latest synthetic fibres. It's of very light weight, flexible, has virtually no creep, but is also stronger than aircraft cable. It attaches easily by means of a fisherman's knot (instruction included).
Ø c. 3 mm; length: 60 cm (also available in Ø c. 2 mm for violin, cello, archtop guitar).

  • light weight
  • flexible
  • strong (950 daN)
  • easy to attach

7 €*

Hardwood tailpiece


black varnished hardwood, 270g, length 34,5 cm (3/4 size)

35,– €* tailpiece with synthetic rope

Ebony tailpiece No.1

TP_ebony_800length 34,5 cm (3/4); weight 315 g

77,– €* tailpiece with synthetic rope

Ebony tailpiece, heavy

length 35 cm (3/4); weight 450 g

77,– €* tailpiece with synthetic rope

Ebony tailpiece No.2 (thin)

TP_ebony_thin_800 Length 34,5 cm (3/4); weight 200 g
Also availble for 5string bass (L 35 cm)

77,– €* tailpiece with synthetic rope

Ebony tailpiece No.3 (hollowed)

TP_ebony_hollow_800length 34,5 cm (3/4); weight 260 g, hollowed downside

77,– €* tailpiece with synthetic rope

Boxwood tailpiece

TP_boxw_800 length 34,5 cm (3/4); weight 190 g

77,– €* tailpiece with synthetic rope

Wittner “Ultra” double bass tailpiece


The Wittner Ultra tailpiece is made of high-tech composit material. It is very light weight, rigid and the black matte surface looks very pleasant. Weight: 150 g. Sizes: 3/4 and 1/2.

42,– €* tailpiece with synthetic rope

Harp shaped tailpiece

TP_harfe_ebony_800These tailpieces have a narrow string spacing, so the afterlengths aren't parallel, but follow the strings tension and point towards the saddle. This way, the string afterlength can vibrate more freely end evenly.

Ebony 3/4, length 34,5 cm, weight 220g

84,– €* tailpiece with synthetic rope

Tailpiece Moser Bass-Flex

MFT_quer MFT_montiert
This tailpiece has four V-shaped string holes, which allow various combinations of angles and afterlengths for sound optimization and wold tone elemination. Incl. tailpiece fastener rope.

165,– €*

FreeRange XTender

extender Instantly Drop tune your upright bass with a quick flip of a lever! The FreeRange Xtender attaches between your tailpiece and string. Click here for Youtube demo …
Multiple FreeRanges can be used to instantly flip from bass (forth) to cello (fifth) tuning (as shown in this YouTube-Film). Steel core strings are best suited for use with the FreeRange Xtender. Sythetic core strings (like e.g. Obligato, Pirazzi, Zyex) have a smaller tunable range, because they stretch more than steel.

185,– €*


Wooden Endpins

Double bass luthier Chuck Traeger found out that the endpin may have a strong effect not only on the overall volume but also of the on the tone quality. “When a bass is being played, everything is vibrating; from the top of the scroll down to the tip of the endpin.”, he writes in his book The setup and repair of the double bass for optimum sound. He tried a couple of different woods as a replacement for the standard steel rod endpin, and liked walnut and oak best. He recommends a walnut rod for a lound but warm and pleasant sound, and an oak rod for solo arco playing, since it produces a cleaner, clearer sound.
Traeger: “Enjoy having two or three different basses in your gigbag! You will discover that the endpin is mightier than the soundpost.“
One of the best known bassists using a wooden endpin is probably Ron Carter. Some photos show this detail of his old German double bass.

endpin woodOur wooden endpin can be used with many maker's endpin sockets (plugs), it just replaces the existing ø 10 mm steel rod. The large diameter and tapered shape provides a vibration-free support. The length isn’t adjustable – when ordering, please specify your prefered length.

We offer two models: with or without detachable metal tip. The rubber tip is included for both models.

  • made of walnut
  • with rubber tip
  • length max. 33 cm (please specify)
  • suitable for endpin sockets with 10 mm ø
  • natural or black stained finish

49,– €*

  • made of walnut
  • with metal tip (detachable) and rubber tip
  • length max. 33 cm (please specify)
  • suitable for endpin sockets with 10 mm ø
  • natural or black stained finish

59,– €*


RobPin angled endpin

anzelotti_endpin_250Rob Anzelotti’s new angled endpin design is very easy to use. The RobPin’s key feature is the “Bottom Block Rest” which takes on most of the bass’s weight. This eliminates most of the typical stresses on the socket, bottom block, and pin. Use: Once you have it adjusted to your preference, you only slip it in and out of the socket when you are packing and unpacking the bass. When detached, it might even fit into the accessory pocket of your bag! The set screw in your socket needn’t even be especially tight. The weight of the bass goes onto the “Bottom Block Rest”, keeping the bracket from turning. Height and angle adjustment: The RobPin is available with interchangeable rods of different lengths. The angle of the pin going to the floor can be set at 25°, 35°, or 45°. If your endpin is not 10mm, then adapters are available. (If it doesn’t come out of the socket, which is the case for most tube endpins, then you naturally need to remove the holding pin).

Instructions (PDF)

250,– €*

Endpin No.1, „Concord Deluxe“ M8


  • ebony plug with cork inlay; ø 33 mm, cone 1/17
  • ring and screw gold plated brass
  • steel rod ø 10 mm, length 44 cm
  • screw fit “crutch“ type rubber tip (M8)
  • weight ca. 490 g

62,– €* (currently out of stock)

Endpin No. 3, gold plated, M10


  • ebony plug with cork inlay; ø 32 mm, cone 1/17
  • ring and screw gold plated brass
  • steel rod ø 10 mm, length 38 cm
  • screw fit “crutch“ type rubber tip (M10)
  • weight ca. 490 g

59,– €* currently out of stock

Endpin No.4, tube endpin, M10


  • ebony plug with cork inlay; ø 32 mm, cone 1/17
  • steel tube ø ca. 17 mm, length 39 cm
  • screw fit rubber tip (M10)
  • weight ca. 385 g

57,– €*

Endpin No.5, brass, M10


  • ebony plug with cork inlay; ø 33 mm, cone 1/17
  • brass ring and screw
  • steel rod ø 10 mm, length 39 cm
  • screw fit “crutch“ type rubber tip (M10)
  • weight ca. 500 g

72,– €*

Endpin rubber tip M8 or M10 (pear shaped)

endpin-stopper_large_300extra large, pear shaped rubber tip, suitable for endpins with M8 or M10 thread (please specify with your order!)

16,– €*


StopperNon-slipping rubber stopper for double bass endpin. Diameter 10 cm, with metal inlay.

7,40 €*

Wolf Super Endpin

wolfstopperEndpin rubber tip, mounts to endpins with up to 10 mm ø by means of screws.

17,50 €*

XXL Stopper

teller_stopperExtra wide rubber stopper (10 cm) with ball-and-socket joint. Suited for 10 mm endpin tips.

15 €*


Christopher bridge blank, adjustable

StegChristopher bridge blank, 3/4 size, maple, German model

Measurements: width at bridge feet 145 mm, height 185 mm.

This bridge blank comes with fitted height adjusters. The height adjuster screws are made of lightweight, black colored aluminium, and can easily get replaced by the Fishman Full Circle pickup (which is available with the same thread size).

95,– €*

Gasparo bridge blank, adjustable

steg_CN 3/4 size, maple, French model. The bridge adjusters have an aluminium thread and Delrin (POM) wheels, and can easily get replaced by the Fishman Full Circle pickup (which is available with the same thread size).

Measurements: width at bridge feet 150 mm, height 188 mm.

95,– €*

Gasparo bridge blank, 3/4 w 150mm or 7/8 w 158mm, w/out adjusters

48,– €*

Concord bridge adjusters


These bridge adjuster screws are made of aluminium, and available in 2 sizes. The advantage of this metal’s light weight is a low dampening effect. For installation, the threads (UNC 1/4-20 = Inch, not metric!) are cut into the bridge wood.

  • Aluminium, black
  • diameter/weight: 28mm/15g or 32mm/18g (pls. specify!)
  • thread: UNC 1/4-20

21,– €* (pair of two pcs)

Bridge height adjusters “Moser Patentmechanik (MPM)”

ani2Moser-MPM2 The MPM height adjusters do not only allow the raise or lower the string action. It also allows the bridge feet to follow the top’s carvature more accurately. Thanks to the freedom of movement of the bridge top, the strings respond quickly and easily. These advantages are a result of the joints built into the MPM height adjusters. The bridge feet are optimally positioned on the belly when the bridge moves in several directions during play, or when the bridge itself is positioned to lean backwards or forwards. The extremely light yet extremely robust materials used in the MPM (aluminium and brass) guarantee long-lasting function. The precision installation of the MPM and the separation of the bridge feet from the bridge top prevent any warping of the bridge. Your existing bridge can be used, even if it is already warped.
Master bass maker Horst Grünert commissioned a test comparison between an standard bridge without adjusters and an MPM bridge. The result of the test, which was carried out by the German Federal Office for Physical-Technical Testing at Braunschweig, revealed the following: "Use of the adjustable bridge produces an increase in the total sound level over the whole acoustic range, without producing any alteration in the resonant tone characteristic of the double bass. These improvements are even more marked in the upper descant than in the lower note range. The sound of the instrument thereby acquires a greater total volume and, above all, a clearer, more well-defined and brilliant tone."

  • the string action can be raised or lowered differently for each side
  • the movable bridge feet follow the top's movement
  • adjusts to optimum bridge angle easily
  • made of aluminium and brass, weight aprox. 13 g (per side) only

MPM-2MPMS (Standard, M6 thread
82 €*
mounting fee for installing the MPM to existing bridge 70 €*

The new (2013) version screws now have a thicker thread diameter (M8), and the bearing is deep inside the bridge feet – the holes' walls prevent the bridge from tilting too far.

MPMN (Modell 2013, M8 thread
87,50 €*
mounting fee for installing the MPM to existing bridge 70 €*

Moser adjustable saddle (HVU)

hvu_moser2The HVU adjustable saddle allows to change the string angle below the the bridge. This makes it possible to adjust the instrument to compensate heavy (or light) strings tensions. (The picture above shows the unstained blank; installation by qualified repairman recommended!)

75 €*




* All prices include German VAT, excl. shipping.