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Double Bass Strings

“The contrabass moves the air in the room. You feel it! If you take your shoes off playing the bass, man, you feel it in the floor. That vibration! So the sound of the contrabass is very important. That's why electric bass doesn't sound good in a swing group.”
– Percy Heath

For the sound of your double bass, the strings are most important. They produce the sound, which is then amplified by the bass' body and pickup and loudspeakers. Therefore, the right choice of strings is an important aspect for developping your personal and optimum double bass sound.

prestoMore informations, press reviews and user comments about our Presto strings: (dealer inquiries welcome!)

  • Single strings of all models available (please call for price).

Presto Nylon Tape Wound

nylonwoundPresto Nylonwound-strings for double bass were designed to combine the unique sound of natural gut strings with the convinient properties of steel rope core strings. Unlike gut strings, Presto Nylonwound-strings strings stay in tune under temperature and humidity changes. They also have a short break-in time.
Presto Nylonwound-strings have a dark and mellow, but big tone with a strong sustain. They are of comparable low tension. They are an excellent choice for jazz, rockabilly or bluegrass bass players, searching for this particular “old school” double bass sound.
nylonwound stringsPresto Nylonwound-strings have a core of braided steel rope, wrapped with silk and metal wires. Finally, they are wound in a white-translucent polyamid monofil, and polished to a flat, smooth surface. Compared to other steel strings, Presto Nylonwound-strings are of very low tension. They are very easy to play. The thicker gauges and the smooth polyamid-surface lead to a very pleasant playing feel under your fingers.
Presto Nylonwound-strings are ideally suited for pizzicato and slapping techniques. For bowing, we recommend to roughen the bowing area with fine sandpaper, and to apply rosin directly on the strings. If strings of thinner gauges were used before, some setup work may be necessary at the saddle and bridge string notches. Due to their steel rope core, Presto Nylonwound-strings also work well with magnetic pickups.
Presto Nylonwound strings are available for orchestra tuning (GDAE) in Medium, Light und Ultralight gauges. Set:

120,– €*

single strings: E 47,– € / A 33,– € / D 28,– € / G 18,– €

Presto Jazzicato strings for double bass

jazzicatoPresto Jazzicato strings are a further development of our popular Presto Nylonwound string. They have a improved steel rope core, and a black Nylon wrapping.

Compared to our original Nylonwound strings, the Jazzicato strings have a slightly smaller diameter. But they still have this smooth surface feel, which makes them different to other steel strings.

This particular surface feel and the low tension make the Jazzicato strings very easy to play. The powerful, dark sound, the precussive punch and the unobtrusive sustain give the Jazzicato string their very own character – ideal for Jazz pizzicato, but also suited for Slap bass and Bluegrass.

Jazzicato, set EADG

130,– €*

single strings: E 50,– € / A 39,– € / D 28,– € / G 20,– €

The Tungsten version of the Jazzicato string are made with Tungsten. They have a slightly higher tension and more sustain, but a thinner diameter.

Jazzicato Tungsten, set EADG

140,– €* (set)

single strings: E 57,– € / A 45,– € / D 28,– € / G 20,– €

Presto Balance

The Balance double bass strings are crafted with steel rope cores and wrapped with chromesteel. They break in quickly and achieve a stable tuning within a very short time.
Bass Professor Magazine (issue January 2008: “Smooth”, “velvety” or “soft” are attributes coming to one’s mind at once while playing the new Presto strings. Lately Presto has already made its mark with nylonwound strings. Those who know these strings must know that Presto Balance Hybrid strings persue a totally different aesthetics of sound. When played pizzicato, these strings have quite a natural drive with an articulate attack and a good but nonexaggerated sustain. The strings achieve to transmit the woody characteristics excellently not sounding nasal at the same time, as it is known of many other steel strings.
I was really surprised when it came to bowing: Presto strings respond as soft as butter. Even untrained players are able to achieve a wonderful not scratchy sound – that way bowing is fun.

balance orchestraPresto Balance Orchestra (Black Label)

The Balance Orchestra strings are optimized for arco technique. They have dark, powerful sound, and are very easy to bow.
Balance Orchestra strings are available for 3/4 string length in Medium and Light gauges (EADG), as well as in Solo tuning (F#HEA).

balance hybridPresto Balance Hybrid (Blue Label)

The Balance Hybrid strings are optimized for both arco and pizzicato techniques. Played pizzicato, they have a voluminous sound and long sustain. Nevertheless, they are easy to bow.
Balance Hybrid strings are available for 3/4 string length in Medium and Light gauges, set (EADG):

130,– €*


Presto Balance FractionalPresto Balance Fractional (Green Label)

Presto Balance Fractional are designed for fractional sized double basses. They have a low tension and small diameters, so they are easy to play even for children. They have a steel rope core, wrapped with tungsten and chromesteel.

Presto Balance Fractional strings are available in 1/4, 1/8 and 1/10 string lengths, set EADG:

100,– €*


Prestoflex_M_200 Prestoflex_L_200 Prestoflex strings are a new versatile steelstring. Warm tone, powerful sustain and a pizzicato tone that cuts through makes them an ideal Jazz string. But Prestoflex also have a good bow response. Available in Light and Heavy gauge.

  • set EADG heavy 3/4 - ivory yarn at tailpiece, black at peg end
  • set EADG light 3/4 - ivory yarn at tailpiece, light blue at peg end

145,– €*



SpirocoreThe Spirocore strings are the reference string for Jazz pizzicato since decades. Long sustain and easy playing feel are the key features of this steel string. But they are not easy to bow. The Spirocore strings are available in many different lengths and gauges. The Spirocore "weich" (=soft) gauge is the bestseller. If you need an even softer tension, you can try the Solo set (F#BEA) tuned down to EADG.

  • T-3887,0 - set EADG medium 3/4 Orchester - red yard an tailpiece and peg end
  • T-3885,0 - set EADG weich (soft) 3/4 Orchester - red yarn at tailpiece, violet at peg end
  • T-3886,0 - set F#BEA 3/4 Solo - red yarn at tailpiece, yellow at peg end
  • T-S42 - set EADG weich (soft) 4/4 Orchester
  • other sets available upon request

186,– €*


Belcanto Thomastik designed the Belcanto primarily as an arco string. Compared to the Spirocore, the sound is darker and bow response much better.

  • T-BC600 - set EADG 3/4 Orchester - orange yarn at tailpiece
  • T-BC600S - set F#HEA 3/4 Solo - orange yarn at tailpiece

225,– €*

Available upon request: Thomastik-Infeld Dominant, Superflexible, Präzision.



P-obligatoThe Obligato have a synthetic core (PEEK), and are easy to play. Suitable for both arco and pizzicato.

  • P-441020 - set EADG 3/4, black+red yarn at tailpiece

214,– €*

Evah Pirazzi

P_EvahPirazziEvah Pirazzi are an improved version of the Obligato strings. They are stiffer, so they don't roll under the fingers or bow that much. An allrounder for arco and pizzicato.

  • P-449010 - set EADG 3/4 soft, black+green yarn at tailpiece
  • P-449020 - set EADG 3/4 medium, black+green yarn at tailpiece

228,– €*

The Jazzer

P-JazzerA dedicated pizzicato string. Powerful sound and volume, long sustain.

  • P-344020 - set EADG 3/4, mixed yarn colors at tailpiece

228,– €*


Gut core string with chromesteel wrapping. Dark, powerful sound

  • white+green yarn at tailpiece

550,– €*

Some Jazzbassists combine Oliv gut G with E-A-D steel strings.

  • P-241100 - G-string 3/4 (single string)

128,– €*


Like the Spirocore for Jazz players, the Flexocore is some kind of standard for orchestra. Very dark sound, easy to bow; set EADG, P-341020, ruby yarn at tailpiece

249,– €*


P_Eudoxa-243020Eudoxa strings have a gut core with silver wrapping. Suitable for orchestra as well as Jazz pizzicato (long sustain).

  • P-243020 - set EADG 3/4, white+violet yarn at tailpiece

649,– €*

Evah Pirazzi Slap

PirastroEvahSlapblank gut G and D string, with steel wound synthetik core E and A string. Desigend for Slap bass, but also suited for Jazz pizzicato.

  • P-445020 - Set EADG 3/4

297,– €*

Available upon request: Pirastro Permanent, Flat Chromesteels, Chromcor, Passione, Original Flexocore, Flexocore Deluxe, Chorda …



D-HH610 The Helicore strings have a steel core and Nickel wrapping. D’Addario offers them in three gauges and three models for different purposes. Their bestseller is the Helicore “Hybrid” in light gauge: easy to play, long sustain but also bow-friendly.

  • H610 - set EADG 3/4 Orchester in light, medium or heavy - blue yarn at tailpiece
  • HH610 - set EADG 3/4 Hybrid in light, medium or heavy - green yarn at tailpiece
  • HP610 - set EADG 3/4 Pizzicato in light, medium or heavy - red yarn at tailpiece

162,– €*

152,– €*Special offer for HH61 Hybrid light gauge


DA_zyex The core of the Zyex strings is made of PEEK, the same kind of synthetic fibre that Pirastro uses for Obligato and Evah Pirazzi strings. Thw wrapping is made of Titanium (G), steel (D) and Tungsten (E, A)

  • Z610 - set EADG 3/4 in medium, light - orange+red yarn at tailpiece

170,– €*

* All prices incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping.