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Double Bass books and media

Coming soon: The Double Bass Book (Das Kontrabass-Buch)

Ein Buch über Geschichte und Bau des Instruments, wichtige Bassisten, und über den Kontrabass in der klassischen Musik und im Jazz. Die zahlreichen Fotos, Illustrationen und Infografiken machen das Kontrabass-Buch zu einer kurzweiligen Lektüre für jeden Kontrabass-Liebhaber.
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„Das Kontrabass Buch gibt einen kompletten Überblick über den Kontrabass in Jazz und Klassischer Musik. Hunderte von Fotos, Geschichten über Bassisten und Bassbauer und eine detailreiche Forschungsarbeit machen das Buch zu einer Pflichtlektüre für alle Kontrabassisten und Musikfreunde.“ John Goldsby (Bassist WDR-BigBand und Autor)

  • von Jonas Lohse
  • ISBN 978-3-9822602-0-4
  • 240 Seiten, durchgehend 4-farbig illustriert
  • Hardcover

39,– €*

Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound

by Chuck Traeger, David Brownell und William Merchant, ISBN 1-892210-06-1. (English)

This is probably the most comprehensive and complete book on double bass setup, repair and sound optimization. Written by Chuck Traeger, who was proprietor of "the" professional bass shop in New York City for many years. Much informations on fitting bridges, setting soundposts, neck grafts, making purfling, fitting patches etc.

Chuck Traeger"Chuck Traeger, who became a bass repairer in New York after a successful career as a jazz bass player, appears to have covered in this book nearly every possible type of double bass repair. . . Each type of repair is described thoroughly and in great detail. The manual includes information on bass-specific techniques such as fitting a low C-extension on the scroll and sound adjustments for jazz players; and general string-instrument techniques such as fitting adjusters to a bridge, high saddle, making purfling and fitting patches. There is also a section on bows which takes into account the budget and quality of the instrument, and many other low-budget techniques (including ironwork, rethickness-ing, and plywood bass repairs) are also discussed. Traeger understands the acoustic properties of the bass and considers these in his approach to all aspects of bass maintenance and repair. I found especially interesting his opinion on the differences in sound between the Italian, French and German schools of bass making, and his approach on how to optimise the instrument's sound. . . I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn more about the double bass' construction and sounds. . . "
Stefan Krattenmacher, luthier (“Double Bassist" magazine)

"A better title for the book might have been the "Encyclopedia of Bass Repair" ... This has to be the greatest bargain I've ever seen in luthier books... . Anyone who repairs or wants to repair basses can not afford to be without this book... ."
Bob Brandstetter, Kansas City bassist + luthier

88,– €*

Coda to “Setup and Repair of the Double bass”

CodaNew Sound Setup Discoveries & Repair Tips, by Chuck Traeger; ISBN 1-892210-02-9

Chuck Traeger has continued his research into what makes a double bass sound and play at its maximum potential with this CODA to his magnum opus, "The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound." Contained herein are new sound setup discoveries and repair tips. The book also features pictures of ten signed instruments by name makers, photographed by Bill Merchant.

From the Prologue by Chuck Traeger:
"About the title, the dictionary definition of the word "coda" is:
music; A: a concluding passage, the function of which is to bring a composition to a cogent and well-proportioned close. My wife, June, suggested this title because that is exactly what I am doing here. This booklet is the conclusion of my research and my writing. It is not that there is no more to be done. It is that at eighty three I am running out of the time to do it."

27,– €*

A New History of the Double Bass

PaulBrunPlease note: this book is currently out of print and not available.
This book by author and double bassist Paul Brun is one of the few books available that cover the history of the double bass.
Paul Brun: “After 25 years of research and focussed thinking, a definitive picture of the general history of the double bass has emerged. The most thorough study of double bass history to date, A New History of the Double Bass presents my new findings in a well-organised, highly readable fashion. Posing a significant challenge to inherited ideas, this beautiful, copiously illustrated volume opens a new era of double bass knowledge.“

  • Hard cover, 336 pages (English language)
  • Dimensions (in cm): 17 x 24,7
  • Weight : 790 grams
  • ISBN 2-9514461-0-1
  • With 58 illustrations and numerous musical examples.
  • click here for Table of Content

(Currently not available)

Double Bass fingerboard chart & timeline (poster A1)

Grifftabellel This poster is a great resource for every bassist: it shows the notes on the fingerboard, the notation and positions – in original 1:1 scale. It also features an illustrated timeline of the double bass’ history, important bassists and makers from the 16th to 20th century.
(click on poster for larger image)

  • size: DIN A1 long (42 cm width, 119 cm length)
  • high-quality printing on 250g/m2 paper, with glossy UV varnish
  • shipping as a tube (without folds) in a small parcel

9,50 €*

Double Bass Fingerboard Chart & Cheat Sheet (folder A4)


More than just a fingerboard chart: it not only shows the notes on the fingerboard, the notation and positions, it also has a glossary of double bass terms in english, german, french and italian language, an overview on the chords' structure, intervals and symbols, tone pitches and frequencies, and instrument sizes and measurements (1/8 to 4/4).

  • size: DIN A4, 6 pages
  • high-quality printing
  • language: English

7,50 €*

Grifftabelle für Jazzgitarre

GrifftabelleJazzgitarreDiese kompakte Grifftabelle im A4-Format gibt auf sechs prall gefüllten Seiten einen systematisch strukturierten Überblick über die gebräuchlichsten Akkordgriffe für Jazzgitarre. Auch der Aufbau der Akkorde, Akkorderweiterungen und die Funktionsweise der Symbolschrift werden anschaulich erklärt. Dabei werden die Akkordgriffe übersichtlich nach Lage und typischer Verwendung (Comping, Rhythmusgitarre) gegliedert.

  • Format: DIN A4, 6seitig
  • hochwertiger Druck auf stabilem Papier, folienkaschiert
  • Sprache: Deutsch

7,50 €*

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