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Gigbags, Bowcases and
Flightcases for Doublebass

Bow Cases

Our Concord BC501P bow case weights less than 600 g and fits most bass gigbag's bow pockets. You can use it for both French or German double bass bows.

  • interior size: L 80 cm, W 8.5 cm, H 3.5 cm
  • outer size: L 77.5 cm, W 7.5 cm

81,50 €* (currently out of stock)


The Concord BC501 bowcase fits both French or German bows. With shoulder strap and rosin compartment.

105,50 €* (currently out of stock)


The Concord BC502 bowcase can take two bows, German and/or French. With shoulder strap and rosin compartment.

119,50 €* (currently out of stock)

Concord Deluxe double bass softcase PV502T


The Concord double bass softcase is made of 1100 Dernier water-restistant Cordura fabric and well padded with 20 mm foam. It has many handles and pockets and offers flexible back-pack or shoulder strap carrying style.
Available in black, blue, red, olive, brown

  • size 3/4
  • length ca. 185 cm, depth ca. 20 cm
  • width at upper bout ca. 55 cm, lower bout ca. 71 cm
  • weight (empty) ca. 4,5 kg

239,– €*

  • size 7/8
  • length ca. 197 cm, depth ca. 23,5 cm
  • width at upper bout ca. 56 cm, lower bout ca. 73,5 cm
  • weight (empty) ca. 5,2 kg

249,– €*

Concord Deluxe double bass case for removable neck bass (PV504T)

The well padded soft case for the Christopher® RN can be used for both the assembled and disassembled bass. The removed neck is stored in a seperate pocket, which is slided into the softcase and secured with straps, the empty neck of the softcase is folded. The overall dimension of this package isn't much more than the dimension of the bass body W 70 x L 130 cm.

An optional flight hard case is also available for the Christopher® RN.
Fits your car’s luggage space easily - with the neck removed, the Christopher RN is small enough to fit your car's luggage space, a train compartment, or even a bike trailer easily.



Flightcase Deluxe for removable neck double bass

RN-FC_white_closed This flightcase is made for our Christopher bass with removable neck. Body and neck fit exactly the rigid glassfiber shells.


  • made of durable glassfiber composit
  • velvet lining
  • 4 wheels
  • Butterfly latches
  • handles
  • size ca. H 140 x B 81 x T 56 cm
  • weight incl. Bass Christopher DB200T-RN: ca. 29 kg

RN-FC_white_open RN-FC_white_closed2

* All prices incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping.