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Double Bass bows

Gasparo bows


Gasparo Double bass bow

schueler1Brasilwood stick, horse hair; german or French model. Weight aprox. 140g

109,– €*

W.E. Dörfler pernambuko bow

Pernambuko bow from the W.E. Dörfler master workshop at Bubenreuth/Germany. Round pernambuko stick, ebony frog, German model, weight ca. 130 g.

450,– €*

Christopher carbon composite bows

Christopher BogenFrench bow
High tech meets handicrafts. The Christopher double bass bow has a stick of black Carbon composite fibers, and is very good balanced.
Ebony frog with eye, nickel mounted. Weight: 130g. Available as German and French model.

320,– €*

Arcus Carbon bow

arcusA major difference from the Arcus bows to wooden bows lies in the much higher resiliency or stiffness. In combination with the somewhat lower weight this results in improved vibration characteristics of the stick and consequently in the instrument. But, as all bows are entirely handmade and the structure of the material is heteroganeous, they all have their individual character and resonance quality. As this varies in a wide range, we classify our bows accordingly. Still, instruments have a different sound and players different preferences about the feel of the bows.

The outfit in nickel silver, stainless steel and silver combined with the elegant snakewood frog give the ~S3~ a noble appearance, which is just the proper match to its play and sound. Nickel-silver assembly, stainless steel coil, weight ca. 128g

Arcus S-3 1060,– €*

The ~S4~ is just the perfect bow for the orchestra. It is strong enough for all 5-string basses but also quick and elegant to perfectly play any opera. Its sound is clearer than pretty much every wooden bow, with an improved projection and superior power. Its outfit in silver and snakewood has classy elegance and is most durable too. Silver935 assembly, silver coil, weight ca. 128g

Arcus S-4 1490,– €*


nymansNyman-Harts: dark rosin from Sweden.
Harder than Pops or Petz Premium.

9,90 €*

Pops RosinPops’ bass rosin gives a nice grip without being too sticky.

12,– €*

Petz Premium Kolophonium

New: Petz Premium is a new, very smooth double bass rosin made from pine and larch tree’s resin and bees wax. Comes in a rigid plastic case.

13,50 €*

KolsteinRosin_300 Kolstein Ultra Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin/Soft comes in a smart roll-down packaging of soft silicon, which provides good protection to the rosin cake. Click for video.

15,50 €*

* All prices incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping.